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Feb 18, 2020

We are back with another “P” in the 12 Oaks (pod)cast. Mark and Lauren Hanna moved to the 12 Oaks community from Massachusetts four years ago and have no desire to look back. They are parents to a wonderful little girl and share more about their lives, family, and upbringing. 

Both Mark and Lauren are only children, raising an only child. Listen in as they share insights into what it was like for them growing up and how their friends became like siblings. They also give a bit of insight on what it’s like to raise their only daughter and their ability to provide her with every opportunity. 

They are also fur-parents to the most adorable little Maltipoo. Their dog goes with them everywhere despite Mark’s initial adamant refusal of ever being a fur-parent. They talk about flying with their fur-baby and how Lauren finally got Mark to cede the issue. He refuses to say he was wrong, but he does love that dog.

Mark and Lauren dig deep. From their upbringing in neighboring towns to meeting at one of their first jobs out of college, they reveal it all. Listen in and learn more about your phenomenal neighbors. More “P’s” to come, but as Mark said, you have to Practice Patience. 

In This Episode:

  • [00:40] February 18th is National Drink Wine Day. Learn more about wine and grab a glass as you listen in.
  • [02:36] Welcome Mark and Lauren Hanna, parents and the third “P” in the (pod)cast.
  • [06:38] Mark and Lauren share why the number 8 is important in their lives. 
  • [07:55] Lauren fills in the blanks on her early childhood in Massachusetts. 
  • [10:44] Learn more about clamming and what happened to Lauren’s back.
  • [14:31] Why did she end up not having surgery? 
  • [18:42] Mark shares more about his early childhood and burning down the woods.
  • [20:56] What was it like growing up as only children? 
  • [23:30] Why did Lauren want to be involved in the 12 Oaks Ambassador Committee?
  • [26:02] Hear Mark share a day in the life of a director for a financial institution. 
  • [26:52] What is Mark’s plan for the future of his career?
  • [28:47] Mark and Lauren chat about their snuggly puppy. 
  • [32:00] Lauren digs a little deeper and shares the story of meeting Mark. 
  • [33:24] How did Mark and Lauren’s parents feel when they decided to leave Massachusetts? 
  • [34:41] Do they go back to Boston often? 
  • [35:54] What do they miss most about Boston? 
  • [37:30] Why 12 Oaks? What do they love most about their home?
  • [41:44] How has golf been an asset for Mark in 12 Oaks?
  • [42:54] Do they have any mulligan moments? 
  • [43:46] What will they be most proud of in the end? 
  • [44:58] Learn what Mark and Lauren think they’ll be known for.
  • [45:50] If they were in a movie, which actor would play their roles?

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