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Jun 16, 2020

John is an Enterprise Account Executive for RiskIQ, but is commonly known as “The Snake Guy”.  His love for snakes, and all nature and wildlife (except spiders) started very early on in life.  He was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area and is a huge San Francisco 49ers and Giants fan.  John was always very adventurous and had many experiences including working with muscle cars, playing in pool hall tournaments, gambling, racing and free diving. 

His vacation plans often included opportunities to find and photograph snakes and he has found over 80 different types of snakes.  John also has a YouTube series called the “Snakes of 12 Oaks.” He enjoys educating people in hopes of calming their nerves when it comes to snakes. After leaving San Jose he briefly lived in Arizona and then moved to Hawaii for seven years.   After the “perfect date” he married his wife Kim and they are very proud parents of Wes.  

John is so amazing, adventurous, heroic, heart-warming, and intelligent. I’m honored to share his story with all of you.  We are fortunate to have John and his family as our neighbors.  There is a ton to know and love about John Worden. 

In This Episode:

  • [02:38] Welcome John Worden our 11th “P” in the pod[cast]. He is an Enterprise Account Executive with RiskIQ. 
  • [04:16] John spent a lot of time in the ocean when he lived in Hawaii and even dived with seven different shark species.  
  • [06:58] He enjoyed growing up in the Bay area and said he had a great childhood with many fond memories. 
  • [08:21] John shares about his youthful times working with muscle cars, playing in pool hall tournaments, gambling and racing.      
  • [09:28] He spent 7 years on the island of Maui.  
  • [10:03] In Maui, he learned a lot about how to read and understand people and earn his place on the island.  
  • [11:44] John is very big into the nature, wildlife and the natural world around him.  
  • [13:41] There is some fear involved with free diving. He shares a story where something dangerous almost happened when free diving. 
  • [15:07] John was able to go on the Great White Expedition on Guadalupe Island and dive with sharks for 3 days. 
  • [16:44] He has always tried to be a real genuine person and be true to himself.
  • [17:14] He has always focused on curiosity around the world and people around him.  It is important to keep learning and be respectful.  
  • [18:38] Through any job you have in life, you have an opportunity to learn about the basics.  It is super important to make strong connections.   
  • [20:51] John shares about a typical day working as an Enterprise Account Executive. 
  • [23:21] In five years, he sees himself wherever he needs to be to be successful and take care of his family.  For now, right where he is, is a great place to be. 
  • [25:04] He has loved snakes since at least kindergarten and remembers a time when a  snake visited his class. 
  • [26:32] His vacation plans would often include finding and photographing snakes.   
  • [27:24] He has found over 80 different types of snakes.  He enjoys seeing the snakes in their natural habitats, photographing them and observing their life for a short time. 
  • [29:49] He shares the amazing opportunity he had to visit tribal lands.    
  • [31:21] Hawaii is a very delicate ecosystem.  
  • [34:23] John has a YouTube series titled “Snakes of 12 Oaks.”  He credits the idea and videography to his wife Kim.  
  • [35:40] The goal of the YouTube series is to calm the nerves of people when it comes to snakes.  He wants to help people feel comfortable in a neighborhood where snakes are going to be part of the environment.  
  • [36:42] He believes he has been bitten hundreds of times by harmless, nonvenomous snakes.  He describes them as uneventful. 
  • [37:58] John shares about the “perfect date”.   
  • [42:23] John shares about his son Wes, known as “Mr. Wes.” He has absolutely loved watching him grow up and change.  He enjoys watching his thirst for life and knowledge. 
  • [44:01] Their beagle puppy Jackson has been part of their family for almost a year. 
  • [44:27] Having a beagle puppy and a toddler at the same time have proven to be one of the biggest challenges he has  faced in his life. 
  • [46:31] Why did you choose to live in 12 Oaks?
  • [47:02] John’s family has been living in 12 Oaks for 4 years and they love it.  They love how easy it is to make friends and build their network in 12 Oaks.   
  • [48:22] John shares his fondest memories in 12 Oaks. 
  • [50:29] He shares about his experience when Wendell treated his family like they had been friends for 20 years.  Wendell shares his perspective as well.  
  • [52:24] What are you most proud of?
  • [53:25] When it is time to say farewell, what would you be known for?
  • [54:15] Which actor would play John Worden?
  • [55:37] What would be a surprise that most people wouldn’t know about you?

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