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Jun 2, 2020

Siobhan Carroll was born and raised in Bloomfield, New Jersey just outside of New York City. She is the middle of three daughters, born to Irish Catholic, New Yorkers.  Siobhan attended Catholic schools her entire life including Villanova University in Pennsylvania.  After one “ill-conceived semester at Seton Hall Law School” she moved to Washington, D.C.  During her 20 years in the DC area, her world changed, significantly.  14 years ago she married her husband Marc.  Marc and Siobhan are very proud parents of 3 daughters.  

I am intrigued by Siobhan’s ability to have a “pulse” on everything.  This interview was “waaay” too much fun.  She is so amazing, heart-warming, and smart too. I’m honored to share her story with all of you.  There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be one of those “edge of your seat” experiences, for all.  We are delighted to have Siobhan, Marc, and the girls as part of the 12 Oaks family, for the past 11 months and hopefully, many more to come.  

In This Episode:

  • [02:01] Welcome Siobhan Carroll our 10th “P” in the pod[cast]. She has spent her entire life, developing skills in pursuit of proprietorship.
  • [02:49] Siobhan has realized the formula to success is reading the customer right and leveraging the talents of subject matter experts.   
  • [04:44] Lucky for all of us 12 Oakers, Siobhan, Marc and the girls moved to 12 Oaks 11 months ago.  
  • [06:29] She was born and raised in Bloomfield, New Jersey and describes this experience as fun.     
  • [07:44] She spent a lot of time on her bike and played outside until the lights came on.
  • [08:37] Siobhan learned the value of education from her parents. 
  • [10:34] She was instilled with the belief if you work hard, learn, and you continue to have curiosity about the world around you, you are setting yourself up for success down the line.  
  • [13:24] She loved her time and had a blast at Villanova.  She is also a huge college basketball fan.  
  • [15:28] Siobhan shares the story about when her and her friends camped out for basketball season tickets.  
  • [18:08] Law school felt like the right path for her based on a number of things. 
  • [19:14] For many different reasons, she decided to leave law school, start working at a temp agency and she never looked back.  
  • [20:12] She had a variety of careers in her pursuit to proprietorship.  
  • [20:19] In terms of the work ethic that was instilled in her by her family, it is hard for her to think of a time when she didn’t have a job.  Early on in her life she became the lawn mower of the family.  
  • [21:12] In high school she transitioned from a well-loved babysitter to working at McDonald’s. 
  • [22:21] During her time at McDonald’s she learned how to make delicious fries of course, but she also learned the basics of the customer service...needs and other skill sets that really helped transfer over to the rest of her career.  
  • [24:26] The other thing she really learned at McDonald’s is how other people think and how their experience(s) wasn’t the same as her’s.     
  • [25:45] Siobhan started waitressing at an Italian restaurant in Bloomfield.  The most fascinating people she has ever met have been chefs.  
  • [27:44] She learned very early on when to let things roll off her back and when to push back and put her foot down.  
  • [28:16] You will always come across people in your life who you don’t agree with, who don’t treat you well, who don’t like you, or who you don’t like and in some way you have to find a way to either get along with them or contain and move along in your life, away from those sort of folks.  
  • [30:23] At Blackboard, Siobhan managed higher education accounts mostly in the states.   
  • [32:44] She chose to move on from Blackboard and try some other things.  Her friendship with Sarah persisted and then she came back to Blackboard a few years later.  
  • [35:36] Siobhan and Marc were not finding the new home they wanted and when they came to visit her sister-in-law and they decided to look around and found 12 Oaks.  
  • [35:57] 12 Oaks has a lot that is very attractive as well as the high tension wires which made her feel right at home. 
  • [36:48] Driving through 12 Oaks reminds her of the Truman Show.  It is a beautiful neighborhood with great amenities.  
  • [37:16] Siobhan shares how she got into the Wine and Beer business.  
  • [38:37] She loves that wine has the ability to bring people together.  
  • [40:12] At the new member orientation back in August there were many people interested in forming a new, additional Wine Club. 
  • [42:15] The Wine Club has been a great way to get to know people and a great way to get out of the house.  
  • [43:24] She doesn’t like to complain, instead she likes to contribute something that is going to be constructive.
  • [44:27] Siobhan feels that if she has a conversation with someone and has not learned something she has really missed out.   She has a curiosity around people, society, who we are and where we are going, plus a continued curiosity about how things work. 
  • [46:25] Siobhan loves social media and feels like it is a great distraction.  
  • [48:49] She does like new experiences, but she needs to feel a certain element of control.
  • [52:04] Middle children are usually referred to as the diplomat, because you are usually between two strong personalities and are trying to negotiate and figure out how you can get what you want out of the situation.  
  • [54:01] Being around people is what she needs, but she also tries to give it back as much as humanly possible.  
  • [54:38] Siobhan shares the story about how her and Marc met.  
  • [57:13] She loves hanging out with her girls a lot.  All three of them are curious and fun kids.  
  • [59:04] One of the main things she has learned from her girls is their love for nature. 
  • [59:53] Siobhan shares the story about their recent animal excursion at the farms. 
  • [60:40] She hates snakes and has been blessed with Nora who is obsessed with all reptiles and amphibians.  
  • [62:57] She shares about her love for cooking. 
  • [65:09] When her first daughter was born she decided to buckle down and learn how to cook and she loved it.  She loves cooking baked meals and having people over.  
  • [67:46] She loves exposing her kids to new things and they love helping her cook.   
  • [67:30] What are you most proud of?
  • [69:24] What would be a surprise that most people wouldn’t know about you?

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