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Aug 4, 2020

Did you see the tall, aged, long-legged bird, with a long heavy bill, and white and black plumage circling the Green Oaks roundabout? We solve the mystery for this rare occurrence in this episode and we also talk about Kyra Sedgwick and Dave Matthews Band. 

Sheri Reed is a philanthropist by passion and a project manager by trade.  For the past 7 years, Sheri has worked in the beverage alcohol business.  She is currently working from home for Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, the largest wine distributor in the United States.  Sheri is in Information Technology managing a Microsoft Team’s deployment project impacting 22,000 employees.  

Sheri was born and raised in Illinois. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University. Her major was Educational Administration as she intended to work at a college or university, but sometimes life has other plans.  Sheri met her husband Rob at SIU and they recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary.  You don’t want to miss this “mother knows best” story. They are very proud of their three children.  In 105 days, Sheri and Rob listed and sold their house in Illinois and bought and moved to 12 Oaks.  

We are so fortunate to have Sheri and her passion as a philanthropist as our neighbor.  If you are looking for a way to get involved and connect with others you definitely want to connect with Sheri and watch the 12 Oaks Facebook page for ways to help. 

In This Episode:

  • [02:26] Welcome Sheri Reed our 14th “P” in the pod[cast]. She is a Philanthropist by passion and a Project Manager by trade.
  • [04:02] Sheri and Rob recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. 
  • [05:13] We talk about the tall, aged, long-legged bird with a long heavy bill, and white and black plumage circling the Green Oaks roundabout for Sheri’s birthday.
  • [06:31] Sheri shares more about growing up in the quiet and peaceful town of Joliet and then Shorewood. 
  • [07:25] She shares why she chose education as her major in college.  She completed her degree in three years and continued on to obtain her master’s degree.   
  • [08:21] She hopes she would be understood or recognized for using her resources to help others.  
  • [09:59] When she finished her master’s degree her intention was to work in a university environment and started in financial aid.
  • [10:56] She was sharing her experience in the financial aid area at a family event and was hired by a friend of the family to work at Lucent Technologies.    
  • [12:39] She worked on 911 software and managed the Y2K transition at the city’s 911 center.
  • [14:02] Sheri shares about a typical day working as a Project Manager. 
  • [16:23] She shares how the pandemic has impacted the way she does business. Zoom meetings have become a huge part of her day. 
  • [17:32] Sheri will be moving into the role of Microsoft Subject Matter Expert.  
  • [19:54] She took on philanthropy work about 6-8 years ago by making meals for the homeless.  
  • [22:38] When Sheri’s family came to 12 Oaks she started and managed a neighborhood food drive during the Christmas season. 
  • [24:01] She has also organized the neighborhood blood drive, supported an informal Meals on Wheels program during the pandemic, and did some cooking at the Ronald McDonald House.   
  • [25:39] Sheri plans to schedule blood drives on a quarterly basis including upcoming events in September and November.  
  • [27:46] Sheri’s family helps deliver dinner to elderly community members on Wednesday evenings as part of a local dinner delivery program that has delivered 12,000 meals during the last 18 weeks.  
  • [29:34] They also made the last meal prior to the pandemic for the Ronald McDonald House. 
  • [32:05] Sheri shares information about the food and blood drive on the 12 Oaks Facebook page.  
  • [32:54] Sheri shares how she met Rob as a grad student at SIU. Sheri worked in the financial aid office and Rob was a greeter. 
  • [35:12] They celebrated their 23-year anniversary on July 18th. 
  • [36:21] She shares about her three children, Josie, Carter, and Delia. They are each very different and she shares a little about each of them.  
  • [37:59] They are trying to create a culture where they spend more time together.  She has really appreciated this time at home during the pandemic.  
  • [39:24] Sheri shares the story about their decision and timeline (105 days) to move from Illinois to 12 Oaks.  
  • [41:04] A few days before their trip to visit they decided to switch from Charlotte to Raleigh. They loved that Raleigh was so accessible.  
  • [43:24] Why did you choose to live in 12 Oaks?
  • [44:09] Sheri’s family has been living in 12 Oaks for three years now and they love it. 
  • [44:33] Sheri shares her fondest memories in 12 Oaks. She loves that it has taken them back to nature. 
  • [45:55] What are you most proud of?
  • [47:29] If you had a do-over in life, what would that be?
  • [48:41] When it is time to say farewell, what would you be known for?
  • [49:00] Which actress would play Sheri Reed?
  • [49:38] What would be a surprise that most people wouldn’t know about you?

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