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Jan 21, 2020

Rudy Theale

Rudy Theale has been in our 12 Oaks community for about 3 years now and his friendship and influence have been invaluable. Rudy is a serial entrepreneur and proprietor who has spent his life looking to better the world through food and reinvention. Listen in as Rudy reveals details about his childhood, what drove him to entrepreneurship, why golf has been so influential in his life, and what he wants to be known for when he is gone.

Rudy’s childhood was filled with travel and change, but his one constant was his family. He and his father had a truly special relationship that informed his views and decisions in all aspects of his life. He shares some amazing stories about how he was raised and how he’s working to recreate some of his favorite memories with his own children.

We wouldn’t have been able to discuss Rudy’s life without also diving into his entrepreneurial journey. He’s been building his own businesses since he was 17 years old and continues to do so today. Learn all about Rudy’s journey from mowing lawns, to creating subscription-less cell service, to working in the restaurant industry. His interests are wide and varied and have served him well over the years.

Of course, we also had to chat about golf. If you’ve been in 12 Oaks for long, you’ve likely seen Rudy on the course. Golf is more than a game for Rudy though. The sport has helped him make valuable connections, invaluable friends, and impact the world through charities. 

This conversation was an absolute treat. I’m so excited to share Rudy’s story and bring our community closer together. Be on the lookout for Rudy and say hi when you see him!


In This Episode:

[00:28] There’s a cast of “Many Peas (P’s) in the POD,” learn what I mean and why you’re a “P.”

[04:00] Welcome to our first “P” Rudy Theale.

[08:01] Rudy and Wendell start the conversation off by discussing personal growth.

[10:20] Learn more about Rudy’s relationship with his dad and its impact on his life.

[13:40] Who is Rudy and what’s his personal brand?

[18:40] How entrepreneurship has changed Rudy’s life? 

[22:39] Rudy shares stories about working in restaurants and with amazing chefs. Chef Kenny Gilbert

[29:42] Hear Rudy chat about his relationship with Bernadette and the glow she brings to his life.

[33:23] Learn more about Rudy’s family and his kids.

[34:58] Why did Rudy and his family choose to live in 12 Oaks

[38:36] How has golf been an asset in Rudy’s life?

[45:13] Rudy talks about his dog Dash, why he loves dogs so much, and his heroism. Cause for Paws

[49:31] What is Rudy most proud of?

[52:16] Would Rudy take a mulligan on any decisions in his life? 

[56:18] When all is said and done, what will Rudy be known for?


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