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Mar 17, 2020

From China to France to New York, Anne Lun has had many amazing experiences. She is our next “P” in the Pod[cast] because she is a Proprietor and Professional Breadmaker. Anne didn’t start with bread though.

Anne decided at the age of 21 to learn French and then move to France. When she got there, she had to decide how she was going to make a living. Since she’s lactose intolerant, she decided learning about winemaking was the path to take. She learned all she could about how wine is made, what to pair it with, and how different regions breed different flavors.

When she and her family moved to North Carolina, she realized that this is an area that wasn’t fit for winemaking. Anne took some time to figure out what she wanted to do, but when her husband cut himself on stale grocery store bread she knew she could do better.

Anne has since opened The Triangle Kitchen, a home bakery where she fills made-to-order requests for breads, sweets, and treats. Learn all about the process one must go through to open a home kitchen and why Anne was so drawn to this new profession.

If you haven’t yet, check out The Triangle Kitchen and listen in to learn more about Anne, her history, and her family. They’ve been in the community for seven-years and are still loving it.

In This Episode:

  • [01:55] Welcome Anne Lun a Proprietor and Professional Baker as well as the 5th “P” in the pod[cast]. 
  • [05:42] Listen as Anne confirms her background and her early years.
  • [06:43] What was it like growing up in China? 
  • [08:47] Learn the values Anne learned growing up.
  • [09:39] What attracted Anne to winemaking? 
  • [12:34] Why did Anne transition from winemaking to breadmaking? 
  • [14:45] Anne shares what happened after she got her degree in Manhattan, KS.
  • [15:36] What is the process to become a home kitchen? 
  • [18:12] Learn what a day in the life of a baker looks like.
  • [20:16] How did Anne learn that she could open her own kitchen? 
  • [20:36] What’s on the menu at Triangle Kitchen? 
  • [22:49] Does Anne plan to expand? 
  • [24:28] How did Anne and Andrew meet? 
  • [26:18] Anne shares about her youngest son. 
  • [27:41] Why 12 Oaks? 
  • [30:02] What is Anne most proud of? 
  • [32:23] Would Anne redo anything? 
  • [33:15] When all is said and done, what will Anne be known for? 

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