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Sep 15, 2020

In this episode, we mixed it up a bit.  Instead of interviewing one neighbor, I am actually interviewing three neighbors. You may have seen these amazing neighbors on the cover and feature article in the “Meet your Neighbors” section of the March 2020 edition of the 12 Oaks Living Magazine, or getting their cajun, low-country boil on at the 12 Oaks, Club’s Mardi Gras Party, or hosting the end of Summer Slam at the Pond. One of these neighbors is also responsible for the daily “pee in your pants jokes” on the 12 Oaks Community Facebook page.  We also talk about insurance, relationships, jokes, hockey, sports cars, and of course Frozen 2.  

Ryan Wagner is a 3rd generation State Farm Agent. Ryan was born and raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.  Ryan is a trivia extraordinaire, enjoys playing golf, and is an avid runner. Katrina Wagner is the owner of Goosehead Independent Insurance Agency.  She was born and raised in Capac, Michigan.  At the age of 27, Katrina was a Dale Carnegie Instructor for seven years.  She has also been a music minister since 1995. Their daughter Ellorie started kindergarten this year and is all things Frozen 2. She can often be found cruising the neighborhood in her sports car. 

It was  great “Hangin’ Out with the Wagners.” They are a blast and a very special family.    

In This Episode:

  • [03:19] Welcome Ryan, Katrina, and Ellorie Wagner. They are our 17th “P” in the pod[cast]. 
  • [04:49] We have all come to love Ryan’s “pee in your pants” jokes on the 12 Oaks Community Facebook page.  
  • [07:21] Ellorie, their soon to be six-year-old daughter loves all things Frozen 2 and driving her sports car around the neighborhood.   
  • [08:45] Katrina had a great childhood and is one of three strong and capable girls. She is the baby of the family.  
  • [09:21] Katrina shares all about growing up on a dirt road and riding around on her banana seat bike. Her parents were amazing gardeners and taught them to live by the earth. 
  • [10:47] After high school she went to Japan as an exchange student. She shares this experience and it was a life-changing experience.  
  • [13:13] Wendell connected with Katrina because he is also the baby of the family.  His mom was a major seamstress.  
  • [13:49] Ryan had a unique early childhood experience living in a foster care home. 
  • [15:24] Ryan learned how to skate and his parents signed him up for a hockey league at age 5.  He played hockey all the way through high school.  He played baseball for most of high school as well.  
  • [17:32] Katrina shares about her new blog on Instagram called The Pretend Food Blog.  She started the blog to be a tourist in her own town.  
  • [19:31] Ryan shares about the half marathon where he got to run out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field.  He was so proud of this accomplishment because he is not a natural long-distance runner.     
  • [21:21] He has his eyes and feet set on conquering the Annual Walt Disney World half-marathon. 
  • [22:01] Hard work, persistence, and giving back are Ryan’s top values.  Katrina shares the importance of investing in yourself and others.  
  • [24:46] Katrina shares about the importance of being aware of what the people in your life need even if they can’t say it and showing up for them.   
  • [26:34] Ryan shares about the hard work he put in at his first job at the golf club and how after a rough year it finally paid off. 
  • [29:53] Ryan joined the Kiwanis Club and later became president.  
  • [32:21] Ryan actually tried to avoid the insurance field at first, but then he realized the power of helping families with important insurance needs.   
  • [33:33] Katrina became a small business owner right out of school and much faster than she had anticipated.  She is really passionate about owning her own business.   
  • [35:27] In the class of 2012 Ryan received national recognition as one of the top 100 new insurance agents with State Farm.  
  • [37:02] Ryan really focused on the people and processes in his business.  
  • [38:58] Ryan’s learned it is important to hire for his weakness.
  • [40:42] In order to be successful in business you have to create visibility and that leads to credibility and ultimately profitability.  
  • [41:04] Katrina’s business philosophy is to surround yourself with people with like minds and like goals and be a part of their success.  
  • [42:44] She engages with other people in a way that is intentional and genuine because ultimately it comes down to relationships.  
  • [44:34] She is all about collaboration over competition.
  • [45:16] Ellorie joins Wendell and shares that she likes math and reading best at school this year. She wants to be a dentist when she grows up.  
  • [46:26] Katrina was the co-partner of the Summer Slam at the Pond.
  • [47:59] The biggest benefit of the Summer Slam at the Pond was that people were able to get together and for just a few hours it seemed like it was back to normal. Another big event is coming soon. 
  • [49:05] Ryan’s has always used humor to alleviate difficult situations. Some of his humor is sarcasm and got him in trouble growing up.  
  • [50:32] Ryan is happy that his jokes bring laughter to the community during these difficult times.
  • [51:58] Ellorie shares some of her own jokes.  
  • [52:57] Ryan and Katrina share how they met online. 
  • [54:46] Their first four dates were all within five nights.  Then Katrina shares her version. 
  • [56:26] They share how they knew they were soul mates.
  • [58:03] what’s it like hanging out with Charlie, their 6 ½-year-old Maltese dog.
  • [59:55] Charlie watches TV too.  He goes on full bark mode if he sees any animals on the TV. 
  • [62:05] Why did you choose 12 Oaks?   
  • [65:11] The Wagner family has lived in 12 Oaks for a year now. 
  • [66:36] What is your fondest, most memorable moment in 12 Oaks?
  • [67:15] Halloween shortly after moving to 12 Oaks was a very fond memory for them. They are really looking forward to this year.  
  • [68:42] Katrina, what are you most proud of?
  • [70:57] Investing in young people and giving them fire and confidence is the number one thing she has done aside from being a great mom and wife. 
  • [71:59] Ryan, If you had a mulligan in life, what would it be?
  • [73:54] Katrina, when it is time to say farewell, what would Ryan be known for?
  • [75:29] Ryan, when it is time to say farewell, what would Katrina be known for?
  • [79:02] Katrina helps people find those talents they didn’t know they had, embrace them, and making them life long skills they use. 
  • [80:24] What question did Wendell not ask that he should have?
  • [81:37] The investment of time her dad made to drive her 90 minutes away for 12 weeks was huge for her.  The relationship between a father and the commitment he has to his daughter sets the tone for what kind of man will fill that role in her life in the future.  

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