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Jul 21, 2020

We are changing things up a bit for our 14th episode.  For our lucky number 13 interview we are catching back up with a prior guest from Episode Two.  By a very popular demand,  I am talking with Rudy.  Rudy jumped on TALK OF 12 OAKS...THE PODCAST on January 21st, with a bang.   

Rudy grew up in South and North Florida.  In Episode Two, he shared about his amazing relationship with his Dad and how that relationship formed his views and decisions in all aspects of his life. Rudy is a serial entrepreneur and proprietor who has spent his life looking to better the world through food and reinvention. He’s been building his own businesses since he was 17 years old and continues to do so today. Learn all about Rudy’s journey from mowing lawns, to creating subscription-less cell service, to working in the restaurant industry. His interests are wide and varied and have served him well over the years. Rudy shares the impact golf has had in his life and how golf is a big part of his son’s life now too.  

Rudy is a guy who I view with having an incredible vision, a master of relationships building, a wealth of knowledge and experiences, and in the short time that I’ve known him, it feels like it’s been a lifetime. I still remember key words Rudy used during his interview, such as empathy toward people, true kindness, trust, and being sympathetic, while genuine.  I thought it would be a great treat for all of us, to catch up and hear where Rudy, Bernadette, and Nautico are today. 

In This Episode:

  • [02:16] Welcome a returning guest, Rudy Theale, our 13th “P” in the pod[cast]. He is a proprietor and serial entrepreneur.  
  • [03:22] Rudy is thankful for his family and health and cautious about the future during these uncertain times.  
  • [03:43] Things were pretty tough the first month or two of the pandemic.  Nautico will be doing virtual schooling at the beginning of the year.  
  • [04:56] Bernadette was doing about 275 themed trivia events prior to the pandemic.  During the pandemic she went to zero events, but it is starting to rebound.  
  • [06:41] They were making masks as part of a project for their church. 
  • [07:35] They sold over 700 masks and they loved the experience. They gave their remaining supplies to a friend that has carried on their special project.  
  • [08:37] During this mask making project, Rudy said they felt like a combination of a Nike factory and Jimmy Johns.  
  • [09:11] Rudy shares what COVID-19 has done to him and for him.  
  • [11:12] He put a deal together and bought the Chubbys Taco brand and restaurants. 
  • [12:40] Rudy’s goal is to have 7 or 8 Chubbys Taco locations in this area and then expand out to other areas.  
  • [14:12] Rudy shares the progress of the Cut & Gather Project. The restaurant business is going to look much differently after COVID-19.  
  • [15:58] The Cut & Gather Project is on hold at the moment, but Rudy is optimistic that they will be able to open at some point, but it may not be this year.
  • [16:54] Unfortunately the “Cause for Paws” Golf Tournament didn’t happen.  The pandemic has affected many businesses and events. They are hoping to reschedule for 2021. 
  • [18:16] The tough times have created the opportunity to rise above this and get through it. 
  • [19:45] Rudy and his family moved to 12 Oaks in 2016. 
  • [21:44] Rudy loved sharing a simple non-elegant holiday with his family.  
  • [23:25] Rudy and Wendell start the conversation off by discussing personal growth and early values.
  • [25:49] Learn more about Rudy’s relationship with his dad and its impact on his life.
  • [28:49] Who is Rudy and what’s his personal brand?
  • [29:22] He wants to continue to refine who he is. 
  • [31:22] He tries to meet people genuinely and bring value to them.  
  • [33:58] How entrepreneurship has changed Rudy’s life? He started his first business when he was seventeen years old. He personally had always been excited about creating something new. 
  • [34:41] Smartfone (Tracfone) was his first real business.  
  • [37:55] Rudy shares stories about working in restaurants and with amazing chefs.
  • [38:22] He has learned that the restaurant business is a methodical and system business.  
  • [39:04] An incredible chef can merge systems and creativity.   
  • [45:09] Hear Rudy chat about his relationship with Bernadette and the glow she brings to his life.
  • [46:57] Bernadette builds furniture from scratch, has an eye for design and is unique and unmatched.  
  • [48:39] Learn more about Rudy’s family and his kids.
  • [49:02] His son’s name, Nautico, was inspired by Rudy’s love of boating. 
  • [50:17] Why did Rudy and his family choose to live in 12 Oaks? 
  • [53:54] How has golf been an asset in Rudy’s life?
  • [55:47] Rudy shares about Nautico’s involvement with golf. 
  • [60:39] Rudy talks about his dog Dash, why he loves dogs so much, and his heroism. [61:05] Rudy fell in love with animals and especially dogs very early on in life.
  • [63:12] Rudy works very closely with Cause for Paws of North Carolina.   
  • [64:47] What is Rudy most proud of?
  • [67:28] Would Rudy take a mulligan on any decisions in his life? 
  • [71:35] When all is said and done, what will Rudy be known for?

Links and Resources for Episode 14...for additional links and resources regarding Rudy Theale, please check them out in Episode 2: