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Feb 4, 2020

Dr Mandie Williford

Dr. Mandie Williford is the second “P” in our Pod[cast]. Listen as she shares her inspirational story about overcoming a learning disability and speech-impediment to obtain her doctorate by the age of 23. She is a true inspiration and definitely an amazing member of our community. 

Through everything, Mandie’s mantra has been to “never give up.” This mantra along with her focus on trust and communication has helped her keep a positive and bubbly attitude through any tough times. I even helped craft a new SWAN song for her!

Mandie spent 13 years as a retail pharmacist and is now responsible for the emergency supply of medications for all of North Carolina. She shares what it means to be a pharmacist and why you should never ask why it takes so long to “just put a pill in the bottle.” Hear what a Day in the Life of a pharmacist looks like. 

Due to the long hours and the daily grind, Mandie burned out earlier in her career than she anticipated. When she started looking, the job for the state popped up in the job search, and she decided to dive in. Learn more about public health and how it has changed Mandie’s view on her career. 

During her period of work, work, work, Mandie found an outlet in the Junior League of Raleigh. She shares their different philanthropic efforts and why the JLR has become such an amazing institution in her life. Learn more about the organization and all that they are doing to help families in the community. 

This conversation was a gem. I’ve loved learning more about all of our “P’s” and Mandie is certainly no exception. Stay tuned for our next interview to learn all about your 12 Oaks Neighbors.


In This Episode:

[01:23] Wendell breaks down what simplicity means to him. 

[04:18] Our second “P” is Dr. Mandie Williford, get ready to learn more.

[07:51] Learn more about why Mandie’s mantra is “never give up.” 

[10:49] Mandie completed her doctorate at the age of 23 despite the obstacles she was faced with. 

[12:11] The SWAN song has new meaning. Listen as Wendell shares.

[12:56] What are Mandie’s core values and beliefs? 

[14:42] Learn what a Day in the Life of a retail pharmacist looks like. 

[17:23] Pharmacists have to know about medications and technology. Hear why.

[18:55] Why are pharmacies understaffed? 

[22:12] Does Mandie miss being in the pharmacy? 

[24:28] Listen as Mandie shares about her role in public health and why the career change? 

[25:18] What are the different career paths a pharmacist can go down? 

[26:45] Mandie discusses the aspects of her role that she can share. 

[28:56] Why September is the month they try to be completely ready for any response needed. 

[31:31] How did Mandie become affiliated with the Junior League of Raleigh? 

[32:55] Learn more about the JLR structure and philanthropic interests. 

[34:21] Mandie shares how you can become a member of the JLR.

[36:44] How did Mandie and Braxton meet? 

[39:12] Why 12 Oaks? Why did they choose this particular neighborhood? 

[41:48] Mandie’s cats are hugely important to her. Literally, as they are the largest domesticated cat breed.

[44:48] What is Mandie most proud of in her life?

[46:10] When her time comes, what will Mandie be known for?  


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