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Mar 3, 2020

What drives a man to generate extreme change in his life? Listen in as Curt Baney shares his interesting career path and the moment that he knew he had to make big changes for his health. Curt thrives in chaos and he loves taking on the next big challenge. Listen in and learn all about this professional “P” in the Pod[cast]. 

Curt started off his life in a state of chaos. Shortly after he was born, his mother and father decided to go their separate ways. Fast-forward several years and his mother found the love of her life and gave him the choice of joining them in California or staying with his grandparents. He chose to stay with his grandparents.

Despite the chaos of his home life, Curt was a burgeoning entrepreneur. Listen as he shares many of his early, childhood money-making ventures. It makes complete sense why he was comfortable enough to start his most recent business. 

He didn’t stay an entrepreneur though. Instead, he went into retail, which led to a non-profit, which led to his career move to HR, and now he’s a personal trainer and fitness coach. Curt really does love to make changes in his life. 

The biggest change came when his doctor started telling him some not so great things about his health. It was then that he realized he needed to get moving. Listen in as he shares more about his life now, why he’s run so many marathons, and how his new lease on life has impacted his family.

This was really a great one y’all. Curt is an amazing human being who has created a lot of change in the world. Learn all about him and his contributions.

In This Episode:

  • [00:32] As this episode is being recorded on World Hearing Day which is perfect because this show is all about hearing each other.
  • [02:39] Learn more about Curt Baney our next “P” in the Pod[cast].
  • [05:45] Welcome Curt to the show to chat about his life and career. 
  • [07:19] Curt shares more about the “First 20” years of his life which was spent in Missouri.
  • [10:23] Learn more about Curt’s first foray into entrepreneurship.
  • [14:00] The “Second 20” included multiple careers and a continuation of his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • [18:07] How loving chaos can be a strength and why it applies to startups.
  • [20:21] Why was Professional Human Resources the dark side and why did Curt switch careers? 
  • [25:07] Curt tells a story about a time he helped over 3500 people to find work.
  • [30:40] Taking it back to 2006 and all the changes happening in the world at the time.
    [32:10] 2006 was not a good year for Curt, but it led to a huge change in his life.
  • [36:12] It led to a life of marathon running.
  • [37:11] How did Curt get to “Second Step” of health and training? 
  • [39:26] Curt shares how he incorporated training with medicine.
  • [41:31] The business is thriving and Curt shares how much his clients enjoy his gym.
  • [43:11] How did Curt and his wife meet? 
  • [44:35] What are the Boomers and what happens? 
  • [46:40] Why 12 Oaks? 
  • [48:44] Curt shares what he’s most proud of in life.
  • [51:33] Learn what Curt would do differently in life if he could? 
  • [52:37] How will Curt be remembered when he’s gone? 
  • [54:16] Which actor would play Curt in a screenplay of his life? 
  • [55:04] What would most people not know about Curt? 
  • [59:43] Thank you so much for listening in as we learn more about our neighbors. 

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